Monday, September 7, 2015

The train and I-a trek to the Orange International Street Fair

 I had been reading in the paper about the Orange International Street Fair and the interesting foods they had. Even though a food event is probably the worst idea for me to go to, I wanted to though because it's a long-time tradition in that city. So....

 I drove over to Orange on Saturday afternoon and can't find parking on the street. I see parking signs where you can pay $10-$15 to park in all the lots-to support various organizations in that city. No. I refused to do it. So I went home-and told someone about it while chatting with them on Facebook.

 "Take the train," she said.

 At first I thought she was silly because Orange is not that far of a drive. It's two cities away. I realized that it was the best way for me to go though if I refused to pay to park my car. This is a packed event-and the train station in Orange literally drops you off down the street from the event.

So, I researched prices on the internet-and the Metrolink Web site said I was literally paying the same amount for a ticket ($12 round trip) as I would pay in gas to drive the car there. I believed it. I decided to go the next day.

My city has some cool old buildings-including the train station. It was beautifully restored in the '90s.

On the Metrolink-sans makeup-headed to the event. 

The event is actually on various streets in the super cute old section of town. The streets are divided by various countries, including Germany. I didn't want sauerkraut on my Bratwurst. 

Interesting sign! 

This is the Orange Traffic Circle, which I've driven through countless times. I was excited to literally walk in it. (Yes, I'm a nerd...) 

The inside of the building in the background of the above photo. It was a beautifully restored building. 

Another beautiful building in downtown Orange

I think this booth picked these taquitos up the the store. Lousy stuff. 

Back at Fullerton train station. The hanging things were Christmas decorations! Stop it! It's only September! Lol

The school district has local artists make hearts once a year to sell at an auction to benefit art educations programs in the district. I really enjoy seeing the hearts displayed on my city's main thoroughfare. This is one of them that got sold. It really is gorgeous. 

 And so, that was my day. I'll have to remember to take Metrolink again, as it really was convenient. 

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