Monday, September 7, 2015

"So, um, why have you never been married or at least engaged?"

(Please excuse the middle finger. It fits for the story though...) Photo credit

 It wasn't so much the question as the way he asked it. It pissed me off!

 One of my online dating....encounters....awhile back asked me this question. I was offended. Granted, it's a fair question but I felt terrible when asked it. As someone at work who frequently visits dating sites said, "What did he want? A woman who had been divorced five times?" I wondered that one myself!

 I think I just didn't like the tone. Keep in mind, said man was divorced a long time ago and hadn't found anyone new. Irony? Hypocrisy?

 I've been taking a break from online dating to actually lose a certain amount of weight and handle some stuff. I have a goal set where I'd like to get back into things.

 I know though that this question will come up again in some way, shape, or form as I date. (Hopefully more politely...) For the record, I've been asked it before in other ways and have always answered that I didn't feel God showed me the right one yet. (Very true. I have a story about this that I'll tell at a later date. Also, having a brain tumor makes you not so fun to be in a relationship with if you aren't properly treated. And not like I want to admit that to someone when I first meet them!)

 I've always felt okay with my answer-until I met "Mr. (NOT) Wonderful." Is there something else I should say? (Like find a divorced woman if you feel the need to ask this question? Haha) I'm just really not sure.

 What do you all think? Advice/comments please. 

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