Sunday, April 10, 2011


 I think Charlie Sheen needs some serious lithium, but his phrase is appropriate for me right at the moment. Why?


 There is a really cool new Web site in the town I live in that literally tells almost everything going on daily. They have an awesome idea that they are putting into play right now-an adult Easter egg hunt! The people who run the site hide two plastic eggs daily with prizes from local businesses inside them. Clues are given as to where the eggs are, and I must say, some of them are tricky!

 I first tried to search for the elusive egg 3 or 4 days ago when they gave the clue that the egg was hidden by Rutabegorz and the park next to it. They took the picture from the parking structure (clue #10), so therefore, I rightly thought that the egg was in the parking structure.

I didn't see it.

 I look down to the park and see a yellow looking object in the bushes.

 "GASP! THE EGG!" I said to myself.

 I go downstairs and rush to the object, and wouldn't ya know......

 It was a lemon! (You may all laugh now...)

 "We're all looking for it, too," a man and woman sitting on a park bench said to me as I turned around. They were right. The whole park was combing the bushes and looking under playground equipment to find the egg! I told them that I thought the egg was on top of the parking structure but couldn't find it.

 "Oh no," she said with a laugh. "They only took the picture from up there."

 The egg was found on top of the parking structure.....

 As I get back in the car, a pickup truck comes to the top of the parking structure and begins searching also. They told me that they had just found an egg at the police station (clue #11). I was done for the night but thought this was fun.

 I didn't want to brave the rain to look for clue #12. 

 Clue #13 came when I had articles to write, go figure. Still though, this clue was relatively close to me! I told myself to go for it and write when I got back home. And so, I drove there and searched the area in the front. Nothing. I searched the back. Nothing. Not one to give up, I searched the perimeter of the parking lot.

 I gasped when I came to a rosebush. Success!

 I found an egg and won a gift certificate to a gourmet food truck! I should add in that a man and woman had just come to look right when I was walking back to my car with the golden egg. Hehehehehe....

 Needless to say, I was hooked at finding eggs!

 And so is the community! When I went to go interview someone yesterday for an article, they said after recognizing my picture on the Web site, "You found the egg yesterday, didn't you? What did you win?" Like I said, this site is popular.

 Yesterday's clues were interesting. I had to think for a second for clue #14. I also did this in between writing articles. When I got there though, the egg was gone. Not one to give up (hahahaha) though, I searched the perimeter of the fire station and saw nothing (except for mini booze bottles). I had been to clue #15 once before and didn't really remember where it was, so I was unsure of myself directions wise-and wouldn't you know it that I got there right when a nice mom, kids and their big dog were taking their picture with the egg they won. They also picked up the clue #14 egg.

 I had work to do and didn't venture out for clue #16.

 I ventured out today though for clue #17! And I saw the same nice family (sans dog) that won clue #s 14 and 15. We talked about what we won, which were nice prizes. We searched and searched the perimeter of the library and even ventured over to city hall before calling it a day and each leaving in our separate cars. They had mentioned something about the airport, so I actually drove there (Remember, I don't give up easily!) and then as I drove back and got to city hall, I saw something in the grass that told me to go back and look again.

 And so, I made the left turn (And I should add that I debated parking in the police inspection area. Don't worry, I didn't.) to park at city hall again. I got out of the car and walked the grass and realized that the egg wasn't specifically there.

 It was close though!

 My peripheral vision spotted something in the bushes at city hall as I walked back to my car. A neon green egg was in the bushes!!!!

 (Please excuse the bad skin. I need to hit the dermatologist's....)
  Gigglegigglegiggle! I got another one!!!! I got a gift card to the gelato cafe in town.

 I hear that the prizes will be even more awesome towards the end of the hunt. I can't wait!

 Free stuff is good! ;)


 Because I'm WINNING!

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