Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A pictoral diary of wisdom teeth extraction....

 Remember how the endodontist said to just yank the dead wisdom tooth? Well, when I went in for the consultation with the oral surgeon, the man was a comedian! The man is Asian, and when I told him that a Dr. Wong told me to get the wisdom teeth yanked, he said in his best Asian accent, "Oh yes, I know doktah Wong. His dad is a dentist-doktah WONG WAY! HAHAHAHA!" Also, when I told him that I saw his video on his Web site about all the complications that can happen when you are older and getting your wisdom teeth pulled out, he said, "Eh, don't worry. I've done this once before. (wink!)"

 I came to the oral surgeon thinking I'd get one wisdom tooth yanked, but nooooo. In addition to the dead wisdom tooth, the one below it was infected. So, the doctor's advice was to just yank the three remaining wisdom teeth. (I had one removed ten years ago because the dentist said it was too decayed to keep.) And so, God bless dental insurance, I did yesterday.

 Needless to say, the doctor was all business when sticking the IV in me. Whatever they give to knock people out is good stuff, because the room spun in a circle, and thirty minutes later, I was done. The tools that he had covered on the tray in front of me were scary though! That crowbar thing? Yikes! Glad they knocked me out to take them out! (That crowbar would have freaked me out if I were awake!) I actually asked the assistant in the room what they gave me when I woke up, and was remarking what good stuff it was. LOL!

 The following is a pictoral recap of the day, and my love of Vicodin (And yes, I must have been super high if I took these! I seriously do not remember taking the last one though! They make me laugh, and I hope you do too.):

"Where are the drugs??" I have chipmunk cheeks because of all the gauze they put in my mouth. Do I remember taking this one? Nope!

"Aaah yeah, Vicodin..." Who cares about chipmunk cheeks? I got me some Vicodin! And do I remember taking this one either? Nope!

After my second dose of Vicodin.... Do I remember taking this one?? No!

 I should tell you all that I don't need the Vicodin today. Yippee? ;)

 I feel toothless today, though! I can really feel the areas where the teeth got yanked. Oh well.

 Now on to more important things......

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