Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interesting tidbits of my parents house

 Before I went home yesterday, I snapped these pictures at my parents house. Maybe I was bored. One was simply odd, but cuteness abounded also. Here they are:

  •  This is Honey, my parents Pomeranian. She is roughly seven years old and just the cutest, most spoiled little dog to ever live. She's so spoiled that one time my mom asked me to go through the Carl's Jr. drive through to get her a dollar burger! She now likes to kick it on my parents bed, specifically on my dad's side of the bed. She will lick his pillow, rub herself all over it and even sit on it when in a happy mood. This picture was taken on his side of the bed, looking intently at the door. I may have brought her into the fold, but they love her daily.

  •  This to me is simply bad placement for a calendar page. My dad, being a life long NRA member, gets a calendar from them every year. I spotted this while checking my e-mail in his office. I thought it was odd to place turkeys on the April calendar page. I didn't look to see what November's calendar page was. Bunnies?

  There is more that I could have taken pictures of, but I didn't. I think all of us have interesting tidbits of personality that show up in many ways in our lives, whether it be the house we grew up in or in other ways.

 May we always document them.

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