Friday, April 1, 2011

Recapping March

 March: In like a lion, out like a lamb.

 This month literally FLEW by, because I am busy. I started my freelancing gig again. Here is my page for the site that I freelance for. (Not only will I write about Fullerton Community Issues now, but I will also be the Orange County Museums reviewer too!) I started back up with my column again by attending the monthly Fullerton Art Walk, which is really uber cool.  I then worked my way into two community issues (SHOCK!) and wrote articles about them. In fact, I need to get in touch with another source so that I can do yet another article on a community issue. The Web site is really specializing what people write about now and sent us an e-mail this week to remind us to stay on topic for our columns, hence the reason why I'm applying for new titles. I have ideas for others that I won't share, in case you would all like to earn millions also. ;) I'm also going to start freelancing for Yahoo.

 I also saw Speaker of the House John Boehner speak here. My sweet mother invited me to go with her, so how could I say no? Plus, it's not like I get invited there every day! Of course it was neat to see the Speaker of the House once in my lifetime. For those of you wondering, he's a very plain-spoken man who tells it like it is.

 I've also begun to hike more. The picture above was taken on one of my city's hiking trails-this one, to be exact. I really need to get on exercising more this month.

 The end of the month brought about a miserable dental issue. I do mean miserable. The right side of my mouth became really swollen and my jaw nearly clamped shut. Eating anything other than pudding for a few days was miserable pain. Of course, during all this the dentist had to go on vacation, so I got sent to his emergency person-a specialist who thought I'd need a root canal. He put me on medication that I take three times a day, and the swelling has subsided. Salad never tasted so good after I could eat again! I went back today after grumbling to myself, and wouldn't you know it, the tooth that is causing me so much trouble is my wisdom tooth, which is dead. (He could tell by putting this cold spray on cotton and having me bite down on three teeth leading up to the wisdom tooth. When I got to said bad tooth, I felt nothing, which meant the tooth is dead.) A dead tooth normally calls for a root canal, but since it's my wisdom tooth, his advice was to yank it. I appreciated his honesty. I wondered if the man was a Christian, because when I walked in the office the first time, Christian music was playing. I didn't ask, but the man's honesty speaks volumes.

 And so, we move on to April. Here's to more memories!

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