Saturday, April 2, 2011

"gourmet" food trucks and DTF Art Walk

  Yesterday was a good day.

 I thought that I would need a root canal when I hit the specialist's office, but lo and behold, I don't! My wisdom tooth is the said problematic tooth, and so the doctor said to just yank it out. So, I'll be having fun at the oral surgeon's before much longer! :( With that looming prospect though, it was still a good day and I wanted to end it as such.

 And so, I tried the roach coach phenomenon.....

 Yesterday, thanks to this site, I saw that the much talked about gourmet food trucks would be by me. I thought it would be good to grab dinner out of one of them before heading to DTF Art Walk.

Look at all this goodness.....

I had heard a lot about this place, so I went to this truck for my dinner. You are probably thinking that I got a BLT, right?

Nope, I got these lamb patties with bacon mixed in!

People actually make an evening out of it when these food trucks come by them!

And I got this for dessert.

And then, I went to Art Walk. This was one of the first art displays I saw at Art Walk.

The above was clever only because it had this candy station with it.

Another display. What are these, you wonder? Think back to the '70s. Yes, they are latch hook wall hangings! I could not believe it when the owner  of the store these were at said that some of these really go for $1200!
  May all days carry such good news as yesterday did.

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