Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 2012 recap....

 Hello end of July!

 You were an interesting month. You were filled with finding a new location in my city for viewing fireworks. That was an incredible treat. Hopefully though by this time next year, we won't have to be resigned to viewing them from afar in my city if the vote to repeal the ban takes effect in November.

 You were also filled with a mild adventure of going to UCLA to see what I'd called an over rated sculpture garden. The buildings are beyond gorgeous on campus, but finding that sculpture garden in the heat was somewhat of a pain. You were also filled with even milder adventures on the home front with finding furniture I'd been wanting.

 You were filled with work. You were filled with joy. You were filled with medical worry. After three months, I finally had the breast biopsy done last week. Two spots were biopsied, with the surgeon saying that one was definitely benign. I was told beforehand though by the radiologist that one of the areas is no longer in the duct. I get the results tomorrow, whatever they may be.

 August is a new beginning. I welcome that. I welcome a sense of health and a sense of strength to overcome what I need to. 

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