Tuesday, July 31, 2012

birthdays, biopsies and recovery.....

 I can't believe its been almost 2 weeks since I last posted on here. Trust me, you haven't missed much, except for this:

 My dad turned 77. We celebrated by going out to the local Black Angus and had cake over at my parents house. Look at how Honey is looking at my dad. So cute!

 Happy Birthday, Dad!

 I came across a fantastic find one night while taking out my trash. LOL... No, these weren't in the trash, but someone left them next to the dumpster-a big no-no for our association. After dousing them in Lysol and giving them a dose of Febreze, they look fantastic! I'd been wanting to get some bar stools but didn't want to spend the money, so needless to say am happy to have found these, which match perfectly with their surroundings.

 And finally, I got my breast biopsy done. (Don't worry, the armpit scar isn't part of this fun. :( ) I got a little scare before the procedure itself when I was informed by the radiologist that one of the 2 masses that were biopsied has left the duct. :( There must have been some truth to that, because I noticed while  removing the bias wrap on Saturday that I have 2 scars instead of the one that the surgeon mentioned she would give me. I wonder if this means she had to take more out than she needed to?  My follow up appointment with the surgeon is tomorrow, so I'll be sure to ask her why then. The sweet nurse who got me ready for surgery was telling me how she loved my surgeon for many reasons, but mainly because she was a staunch believer who lived out her faith, which poured over to how she practiced medicine. I get the results tomorrow of both the biopsy and the MRI of the pituitary gland and pray they're both nothing. Please pray if you're so inclined.

 So that's whats been happening with me. Fun stuff, huh? 

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