Thursday, July 19, 2012

UCLA Sculpture Garden

 I had read in the LA Times that the UCLA sculpture garden was a cool, free activity to go see. I thought I'd go see it this past weekend since I've never set foot on that campus. Beautiful campus, an absolute pain to find the sculpture garden.

The library-which was closed; it looked incredibly gorgeous though

 A nice jogger gave me pretty good directions to find the sculpture garden, but I was still a little off. So, I parked by the beautiful old buildings and walked around on the campus. This world famous campus has some gorgeous old buildings that I enjoyed seeing. A gay couple ended up giving me precise directions. :)

Royce Hall

 I loved the detail of the old buildings, including this one. Look on and you'll see how much I loved the detail! :)

The murals here were STUNNING
As was the other detail also

And the colored glass was cool also :)

 I eventually did make it over to the sculpture garden. :) Honestly, it seemed overrated to me. 

This looked like a cross from a distance. 

 And then, I walked to the car. All the while, I caught other detail of the campus. 

A balcony in the Humanities building. I like to capture the off detail. 

And me too. :) 

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