Wednesday, July 11, 2012

biopsies, brain MRIs and endocrinologists...OH MY!

 I had another appointment with the breast surgeon today, and guess what? My health insurance is going to be used this year!

 I just had a second breast ultrasound done on Friday, and that showed I need a breast biopsy. I knew something was up on Friday when the tech said that the doctor would get the ultrasound results Monday. (I had a cancer scare in 2010, and the panic button was set the day after a CT-scan back then.) So, the doctor's surgery coordinator will call me to set that up. It doesn't sounds too fun. :(

 And I'll also be getting a brain MRI. The blood test that I repeated last month came back higher than the last test, which means it's time to check for a tumor. Oh joy. :( I also have to see an endocrinologist, because this could all simply be PCOS.

 We women are fun! A man (of course) joked with me a few nights ago that we women have a lot of body parts that go bad. True. Very true. LOL.

 I guess all I can say is thank goodness for health insurance. Also, please pray if you're so inclined.

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