Thursday, July 19, 2012

insurance deductibles and the stuff of life

 Even though I'm a registered Republican and did not support "Obamacare" before, I may do so now after having the MRI of my pituitary gland yesterday! I have a horrendous deductible which hasn't been met yet for the year. I'm certain it will be met after the biopsy. (I hope....) The woman checking me in yesterday for it showed me what my co-pay for the MRI will be if my deductible's not met after the biopsy. Yikes!!!!

 I need a better individual health insurance plan. I'm on my current one due to some medications I'm taking, which, ironically enough, may be causing some of my breast issues! Someone I know who also has a pre-existing condition just got on a good individual plan and was telling me to apply once all is said and done with this. Oh believe me, I will!!! I've always been critical of how health insurance companies play that stupid game. I was denied for an individual policy about 10 years ago. My work was putting everyone on them to save money and the insurance company denied me due to the medication for this. Keep in mind that my medication wasn't for high blood pressure, high cholesterol or anything else major like that. They accepted my co-worker though who smoked and took high blood pressure medication though-and denied me! No logic there! I complained to the Department of Insurance, which didn't do any good, but it felt good to complain. :) I'll stop ranting. This issue gets me going though every time....

 I also saw the breast surgeon yesterday for my final appointment before the biopsy. I brought my mommy just in case I didn't digest it all. :) The doctor was great with my mom and looked at her also as she explained everything to me. (I had a doctor act nasty with my mom once when I had the cancer scare 2 years ago, so this was nice to see.) I left the appointment feeling good. The doctor said that it's pretty rare for a biopsy to come back cancerous and said this could all be benign polyps. I stopped the medication just in case it's causing some of the discharge. I can live without it, so I'll be curious to see if it does indeed help. I'll also be curious to see if I do indeed have PCOS or a pituitary adenoma. A lot of doctors have also thought I had PCOS, but the diagnosis has never been certain. This is why I requested to see the endocrinologist I did. I was told he's one of the best ones in this group and tests you to death to be certain of his diagnoses. And of course, I'm rooting for PCOS instead of a pituitary adenoma. Oh dear Lord, no more serious procedures on this insurance!!

 I'll be glad when this is all over. Seriously, I will!

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