Saturday, July 14, 2012

dates have been set

 The date has been set for the biopsy. It'll be in a few weeks. The doctor wants me to come in before the surgery to explain the procedure. I'm glad about that because I have a few questions for her. I guess the radiologist will do some preparation first where he or she will have to (squeamish folks need to quit reading right now) stick wires down my nipple into the appropriate duct. Then the doctor will do the surgery. This hospital is supposed to have one of the better breast care centers in the area, which I'm glad about.

 I'll also be getting the MRI of the pituitary gland this week. I also made the appointment with the endocrinologist, which is for next month. I have to have the breast surgeon's office call the endocrinologist's if I need to get in sooner. I've heard from others that this endocrinologist is really good, so I can see why he takes a month to get in to see.

 Lots of leg work on my end! PHEW! I just want this all over with and to move on.

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