Sunday, September 9, 2012

Da Plane! Da Plane!

 Does this house look familiar? It should if you were a child of the '70s and '80s. This house was shown at the beginning of the TV show "Fantasy Island." It's a gorgeous home located in the LA County Arboretum. I decided to take a trip there yesterday. 

 Admission is pretty reasonable here compared to other Southern California attractions, which I was gleefully happy about. It was hotter than you-know-what though, which is why I only stayed an hour and then went home. I wanted to see this house though. The last time I was here was on a field trip in 4th grade and only caught a glimpse of it. I wanted a do over, I guess. :) 

 This home is pretty close to the mountains, so I was glad to catch a nice view of them on this day. 

 An adobe was built on this site but wasn't accessible because it's being restored. I found it almost hysterical that it was so hot outside that no one really gave a damn to do the math on the sign below. 

 A family was walking by this adobe and the dad said, "Oh kids, look at this sign. This was built in 1839. That makes, almost 180 years old!" Yeah, not quite, but I didn't care and I'm sure the dad didn't either! 

 This oven was right next to the adobe. Palm branches were thrown in it. Works. The lake used for Fantasy Island is in back of the oven. 

 Imagine the plane touching down on the lake and Tattoo saying, "DA PLANE! DA PLANE!" :) This home was built many years ago by Lucky Baldwin and the lakes and rivers around it were an aqueduct for many in the area. Many TV productions have used this arboretum (and house) also. 

 Wasn't this tower of the house used quite a bit on the show? I remember that but wasn't sure. 

 I sat down on the porch because it was so damn hot out and this view above me was a pleasant surprise. 

 More of my view. It's nice that they keep this house up so well! Too bad I noticed a beehive a few seconds later. :( 

 The view from where I was seated. A fantastic site to behold. I can only imagine Lucky Baldwin seated here  on a balmy summer day such as yesterday and looking out seeing what I did. 

 The view of the aqueduct/lake as I was walking back to the car. It's absolutely huge. I probably would have explored more on a less hot day, but... It was hot....

 Happy to be in the shade and headed to the air conditioned car. :) Nice exercise, but it was hot! 

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