Thursday, September 6, 2012

What do I have again?

 My follow up appointment with the endocrinologist was today, and we discussed the blood work, ultrasounds, etc. Fun times are coming my way!

 I just started the medication Bromocriptine today. One of the many tumor possibilities I have is something called prolactinoma. This fun discovery was made when I had my first breast ultrasound back in April. This hormone starts working when you're pregnant, which I'm not. There is no need for me to nurse right now! The first blood test showed the level to be at 41. Normal is 27. The second blood test showed it to be at 61. Yesterday's blood test had it at 37. I asked the doctor today if the latest number meant I didn't have to go on it. No such luck. A female hormone is also low, so he hopes this medication will bring it up to normal again. I started it this afternoon. So far, so good with no medication side effects.

 Another possibility is that this is a thyroid secreting tumor. Prolactin issues can be caused by an out-of-whack thyroid. I've known I've had a thyroid goiter for 2 years now, but was told there's not much you can do for them. That's not true, because the doctor said today that these will have to be biopsied. I have to get a thyroid scan first to determine which ones.

 Aaaand, another fun possibility is that this tumor is Cushing's Disease. That makes a lot of sense. The treatment sounds horrendous-going up your nose to take the tumor out, but if it stops some of the symptoms, go for it!

 So, this is the fun stuff otherwise known as my life. I hope it stops soon. :(

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