Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summa Time

 Being that Labor Day has come and gone, Summer is now over. I tried to be intentional this year about how I spent my summer and was fairly happy with what I accomplished. Fall is now upon us and I'll try to be equally as intentional while being honest with myself about what I need to get done.

 I need to earn more money, so priority number 1 is to obviously solve that issue in obvious ways. God has provided for me, and I know He will continue. I just need to obviously solve this issue.

 I also have parents who are having health issues right now. My mom had cataract surgery a week ago and I'll be driving her to the doctor's tomorrow morning. Her next eye will be done in a few weeks. Then it will be my dad's turn for more eye surgery. I guess his is beyond thick. So, that means that I've been grocery shopping for my parents also this past week. Just call me shuttle. :)

 Intentionality is coming. It'll just have to be sandwiched in. ;) 

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