Friday, September 21, 2012

The Space Shuttle Endeavor

  The Space Shuttle Endeavor made its final flyover in Southern California today. It was to fly over Disneyland this morning, so I took a drive down to Anaheim to see it for myself. Keep in mind that I live a city away, so I could've seen it in my city, but I don't think closely as I did by driving down to Anaheim.

 Facebook friends went to Disneyland today to see it-and took their kids too. Heck no. Cheap me parked in a residential neighborhood along with the rest of the world and stood around chatting with everyone until the shuttle flew overhead. It wasn't the best neighborhood, as my pics prove. (The gang bangers riding their bicycles as they lit a blunt proved that to me also....)  Cheap me was happy to be quick though. I came, I saw, I went home. Here are some pics to prove I saw this bit of history:

The sky before the shuttle flew overhead. Yes, it was a beautiful day! 

Notice the umbrella? The people in this house just got on the roof to wait . It was hot out! 

The people I chatted with while we waited. 

Keep in mind that this wasn't the best neighborhood. The chairs in the yard I was standing by made me laugh though. It reminded me of a doctor's office! 

Me, sans makeup. And yikes, I look like I'm balding! :( 

The crowd by Disneyland. 

Here it is! It looked a lot closer to me in person. 

Here it is again! A fighter jet is in the distance. 

Woops! Didn't get it all! :) 

Buh bye blur at the bottom left!

 This was a cool bit of history to see. 

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