Sunday, September 9, 2012

Let the fun begin today! :(

 No folks, your eyes are not deceiving you. That's the bottom level of my fridge-with a huge container in it. What's it for, you ask? 

 Urine. I gotta pee in it all day and night. :( 

 Twenty-four hours worth of urine needs to go into this thing, which will stay in the refrigerator until I can lug it to the lab in the morning to test it. I think I uttered a swear word when the lab brought me the container. It's huge. Plus I was grossed out that I need to keep this thing in the fridge. I cleaned out the bottom level though, so not like it's mixing with much. ;) 

 I have to do this because the doctor thinks one of my tumor options is Cushing's Disease. There is a blood test for it, which I took. That's a random shot though. This obviously gives a complete picture. 

 I'll be so glad when all of this testing is done with. I'll be discussing this in the next post, but the doctor did find something that's quite concerning. It could go along with Cushing's though. If it doesn't, major health changes are coming my way. 

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