Saturday, September 27, 2014

Passionately Passionate About...

 I got to thinking about this the other night and found my mind scattered.

 I've had many passions through the years. Some were quite weird-collecting rocks in a box. (I remember how angry I got when my mother wanted to toss the shoe box I kept them in...) Watching Dallas as a grade school kid. (I find the new series boring...) Writing scripts of various Divorce Court scenarios. (Remember that TV series in the '80s?)

 And then, I took up crafty hobbies in my 20s. Stamping first of all. Then scrapbooking. That truly became a passion.

 I had this hobby many, many years. MANY years. I finally gave it up after being laid off in 2008. After all, it's not wise to hit the scrapbooking store when you're only getting unemployment! I liked the hobby because it obviously was a creative release. I think in some way though, I also wanted to make something positive in my life. I wanted my history to be positive even though I wasn't feeling it in my own life at the time.

 I also took up making cards. In fact, I still have enough Christmas cards to send out for a couple more years.

I would even sell them. (Hopefully not the one above. Lol) People actually enjoyed getting these too! 

 I also made gift tags galore. Christmas isn't the same when I'm around! ;) 

Now this one's cute! 
 I even dry embossed for awhile. I'd still be doing it if I could find my light box.... I should ask Santa for one at Christmas. :) 

 My latest hobby is making mini albums. Literally creating them from scratch. 

 May they sell.... 

 I don't spend as much time on my hobbies as I'd like (It's nice to have money to spend on them...), but when I do, it's quite enjoyable. I've obviously got a paper theme going on for my hobbies, which is cool. If only they could be affordable. :) 

 It's amazing how our passions change with the wind sometimes. From rocks to books. 

 May your hobbies never be thrown out. ;) 

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