Friday, September 19, 2014

The Weather of Hell

 Orange County, California, felt like hell this week. I'm not kidding you. It was as if the sun lowered itself to the ground and maniacally laughed as we went about our business. It was truly horrible, reaching about 110 degrees at one point. My friends in Kansas and the South are probably laughing at me now that I can't stand weather like that, but it's true! It was terrible! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014-It's too friggin hot. Really, it is. I really don't want to get in the pool because I just got my hair did yesterday, but it's hot! Taking out the trash was also horrendous. I had to step outside. Blech... I'm trying my best to stay cool today!

 I caught up on some work since I only put in a short time yesterday. I put up an article today about important items that will be discussed at this week's city council meeting.One of the blessings of working from home is that you can get your hair done in the early afternoon without anyone saying anything, but it sort of messes me up since I function well with structure and routine.

 I also spent time in prayer in the evening. A friend literally called me when I was done. I told him his timing literally couldn't have been better. I mean, literally.

 I also joined an online support group for people with pituitary tumors. I'm just totally amazed at the great information I'm learning. I about died when someone mentioned that they too had issues with their sense of smell. I can't smell anything unless it's super strong, which has caused some problems for me. I guess it's common with these tumors! I think this will be a great benefit to listen and empathize with the stories of others. In fact, I wanted to reach through the screen last night to hug a woman with the same type of tumor I have who's having issues conceiving. She seemed so sweet and I felt bad for her.

Sunday, September 14, 2014-Happy Birthday to Robyn!

 My church had their annual Noah's Ark themed sermon today. They did a great job with it, as usual. Like the 9/11 memorial, this is also another nice tradition. I think the thing that I always get out of it is that God doesn't promise us perfect lives, but he does promise that he'll protect us during the storm.

 There was a petting zoo, including a cute doggy I petted. Kids got free pony rides and there was low cost food-hot dogs, snow cones and cotton candy were available for a dollar each. It's great PR to bring in families.

I felt bad for this little baby being out in the sun. 

 It's over 100 degrees today. It's just terrible outside. I felt bad for the animals in the petting zoo at church, for they had to be out there with their built in fur coats. I just really want Fall weather to start in. This is terrible! I guess it's Indian Summer?

 I'm having car trouble again, so I went over to my parents house after church to ask my mom if I could borrow her car tomorrow to go get a medical test done. My dad took a look at my car, but I'm seriously thinking I need to start the hunt for a new one. I just started working again too. Please Lord, let my car keep running until I start bringing in many paychecks again.... 

Monday, September 15, 2014-I had a CT-scan done this afternoon at my medical group's Irvine location. As I've mentioned before, I had a cancer scare four years ago. A CT-scan then detected a spot on my lung and chest wall, so my primary doctor at this medical group wanted me to repeat the test to see what's happening there in 2014. The earliest date they had to get me in was today at their Irvine location. Otherwise I would have been waiting a few more weeks to get this done closer to home. 

 I like it that my medical group puts interesting art on the walls at their hospitals. This is okay, in my opinion. I like the art better at the one in my neck of the woods though. :) 

 It is still over 100 degrees. It seriously feels like Hell. I finally took a swim this evening, which felt wonderful. My city opened up the community center and called it a "cooling center" because it's obviously a spot to go for air conditioning. I'm sure it must have been packed! 

 As for work, I scheduled an appointment to tour the alumni house at the university I went to. It's a nice facility that they rent out for weddings. I also spoke with the local dog park's foundation board regarding their volunteer needs and also updated my social media freelancing pages. I also emailed a Huntington Beach wedding site to see if I can profile them also. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014-It's 107 degrees today. I like air conditioning. Air conditioning and a nice, cold pool are all I need today. I feel like hell and will melt if this goes on any longer. When will it ever stop?! Make it go away! :) 

 As for work, I went to a city council meeting last night where I got two stories. I guess it's terrible to park in my city's downtown parking structures because bodily excrements are commonplace. An ordinance was passed last night forbidding loitering in these structures to stop this behavior. I also made another appointment to see another wedding site. It's a stable in Huntington Beach. The council also voted unanimously to provide body cameras to police officers also in my city. 

 Wednesday, September 17, 2014-Still terrible weather! It was almost as if the sun came to my patio and sat there today, taunting me as I worked with my little fan beside me... I was amazed when it significantly cooled down in the evening. There were nice cool breezes that really took me by surprise! 

 It was, of course, a swimming day. No way around it. There is a blessing to living mere steps from the pool! 

 I also took care of more recycling. Eight bucks worth! Woohoo! ;) I could go to Carl's Jr. after setting aside my tithing portion! :) 

 The doctor's office called about the CT-scan. I guess all is well. I figured as much since I'm still alive. :) They'll repeat the scan in a year to see if the spot on my lung has gotten any bigger. My primary doctor said lesions on lungs very often end up being nothing. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014-It substantially cooled down today! Hallelujah! It was still nice though to work someplace else with air conditioning. Thanks Mom and Dad! :) I got up the article about the ordinance passed by the city council forbidding loitering in parking structures. 

 I also took my mom to pick up the dog from being groomed. We both laughed when we walked in and this schnauzer walked up with the employee and looked at us like, "Can you take me home? Like, now?" 

 I also called a cousin of my dad's this evening because my dad and I are long overdue to go see him. He currently has Stage 4 colon cancer, so we can't wait too long.

 I also spoke to someone I worked with at a major newspaper in the area. He said we should go to lunch together. Being careful, I told him to clear it with his wife and in fact bring her along. :) He's 60 years old and has five adult children, but I don't care. I tend to attract the interesting ones, and I didn't want him to get any wrong ideas.

Friday, September 19, 2014-Payday! Yaaay! :) I put up another article about how the police in my city will now wear body cameras. We are the city that had the Kelly Thomas incident, so this is a step towards transparency.

 I realized some things today about a family member that were sad, yet liberating at the same time. All I can do is move forward.

 It was cooler today! I was so thrilled! Hopefully this weather continues! Since it's September, I'm beginning to think of other exercise to do besides swimming now. I need to check out our small gym in our community area here at my complex.

Here's to cooler, functioning weather this coming week! 

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