Friday, December 19, 2014

And Yet Another Procedure...

  I had my fourth surgery for the year today. I want this to be it- like, forever.

 This was a breast biopsy on my left side this time. I had a similar biopsy on my right two years ago, which came out fine. I have to admit that this one concerns me a bit more though, as it was caught in a mammogram. I have a lot of anxiety right now. It's scary to be in this position yet again two years later.

 I can't remember now if I had this much anxiety two years ago. I think yes and no. Yes-because I had never been through this before. There was also the new possibility of the adenoma. A double whammy. And I had terrible insurance. I remember a former co-worker who had breast cancer asking me how my insurance was. Even though it was good that she asked, I was a little freaked out.

 I just keep thinking about what if this really is breast cancer. What if this go round I do indeed have breast cancer? The good news is that if it is, I caught it early. The surgeon was telling me that it's also not necessary to have my breasts removed either if it is. (I think I'd like that though. I'd like to not worry about this ever again.)

 The surgeon told me though that I'm probably fine. I read the pathology report from the core needle biopsy- ductal papilloma with atypical cells was the diagnosis. Since they only got samples, the surgeon said she was concerned that maybe cancer cells were sitting next to the spot where they got the sample. It was too big of a risk to simply leave it be. I agreed.

 So, the biopsy was yesterday morning. They put the wires in again, as they did two years ago. This time was much less painful. The radiologist was really good and explained to me what she was doing every step of the way. I'm not even in pain after the surgery. I've only taken one pain pill! Not kidding! Usually I love the stuff!

 So anyway, I have some anxiety and am trying to leave this in the Lord's hands. I find out the results on the 29th. Until then, I'm keeping busy.... 

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