Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday Lights

 I really do live in an area with some nice Christmas light displays. I've seen all the major ones by me this year as of now. I guess I decided to be organized this Christmas season. :)

 The first one I like is in the city I live in. They're called Sparkle Balls because they're balls of lights and they sparkle. :) It's neat to see as you drive down the street. A neighborhood block started the tradition years ago, which has spread to surrounding neighborhoods in the same development. It really is cool and a great tradition to see every year. It's not overly gaudy and has been called almost Seussical by some, as the street twinkles in big balls of handmade lights.

A neighboring street that does this yard display every year. 
 Another traditional light display that I love is the lights tree on an office building in the city I was born in. My grandparents lived near this building when my sister and I were kids, so my mom would often drive us by this "tree" and say, "Look, girls! A Christmas tree of lights!" And we'd oooh and aaah.... :) I was thrilled this year because I finally captured the color in the now LED lights. A Facebook friend told me he also loved this tree as a kid and was happy I captured it this year.

Aaaand......It wouldn't be Christmas without capturing the housing development by me that goes overboard with Christmas lights each year. Granted, I love the spirit of this development each year, but it's a pain to drive around in. I guess I have to actually do what others are starting to do and park in the elementary school a short distance away and actually walk in....


This house is just overkill. They even offered house tours one year!

 Now that I've seen the lights for the season, I guess I can concentrate on other fun stuff. What should it be? 

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