Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas in Southern California

 I seem to like tradition. Especially at Christmas time. This year's holiday celebration was no different.

 Christmas Eve began with a church service at my parents Lutheran church. I grew up in a Lutheran church, but the one we were at dwindled down so much they (and half the congregation) switched to another one in a nearby city. We went to an early enough service that we could come home afterwords to have some dinner, which ended up being sandwiches we made ourselves, cole slaw and Frito's. :)

The nativity scene at my parents church...

 Christmas was also pretty traditional. Mom made the usual roast-which was awesome. I also ate way too much creamed spinach. I get dessert duty next year, apparently. I guess it's time to Pinterest. :) I was happy that I got a gift card to go clothes shopping! Yay!

Wrapping presents-I kept commenting to myself that I like this paper. :) 

Christmas present flowers to my parents from my aunt and uncle.

Mom getting all experimental with a Christmas centerpiece. :) 

Me petting Honey, my parents 10-year-old Pomeranian.

Christmas in Southern California-chilly weather in the 50s but no snow :) 

It isn't Christmas unless Dad gets the popcorn in a tin (left hand corner of the photo)

And so, Christmas has come and gone. We can always remember the birth of the Christ Child though throughout the year....

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