Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring cleaning

 Every so often I go through a cleaning spell and clean my place from top to bottom. When I do it, it feels as if I'm allowing God's positive grace to enter my soul. I must have heard from God this past week, so lemme show you what I've cleaned. :)

 The car: 

 A doctor told me once that when he ran an ADHD support group that he knew he was in the right spot by looking at the cars in the parking lot, which were piled full of crud. :)

 I must be in that category, because I literally emptied this car out. Granted, it needs a thorough vacuuming, but the back seat and the trunk are empty, dang it!

The garage: 

 This was simply one wall that needed some TLC. It wasn't nearly as bad as the car but needed to be handled. Stuff needed to be tossed. Other stuff needed to be put in my place. Other stuff needed to be put in the garage. And now, it looks so nice!

 The after photo. The bags will leave the garage April 6th for a local benefit. The portable table and pop up tent will stay. :)

 Tomorrow will be patio sweeping and straightening and putting away all the fun stuff I found in the garage. And then, it's on to the house. :)

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