Friday, March 1, 2013

Bowers n' realizations

I love sunny weeks, which this one out in So Cal was.

I decided to start off the week seeing an exhibit at the Bowers Museum. This museum had a cool exhibit of outfits used in movies, which were awesome. I love to stare at wonderful architecture and awesome exhibits, which the outfits were.

 The photos are seriously out of order, but you can see that it was awesome to look at. I especially loved the older courtyard of Bowers, where all the awesome outdoor pictures came from.

 I also made a realization this past week that I needed to do something drastic. I needed to seriously cut back on all caffeine consumption. COLD TURKEY. (Insert screams :) ) I did well for 4 days, then gave into temptation yesterday and had a Sprite. Back at it again. :)

 And on the job hunt front, I have a phone interview for Monday. I got one rejection this past week, so I'll keep going. I need one job though. One job with decent benefits. That's all I ask. :) I know that God will provide it for me.

 My church's conference started yesterday. I really love my church and am excited to attend the rest of it this coming weekend.

 Finally, I just wanted to say that I'm tired of simply doing weekly updates, so I'll be going back to regular entries starting this next week.