Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Monkey Business Cafe with friends

 My friend Chris invited me out last Friday with some of her other friends for a couple of reasons. She first of all wanted us to meet her boyfriend and also see the play her 16-year-old daughter was a part of with the Arts Academy she's in.

 We met at Monkey Business Cafe, which is obviously a cafe but also a non-profit. They employ kids just out of foster homes to teach them employment skills. I had never eaten there before and was surprised how huge the dishes were. I got the least expensive (and smallest) meal I could, which was good. I also appreciated eating at a place that provides a good service to foster kids. 'Scuse my awesome picture taking skills! Of course I didn't take a photo of the group but took it of my food. :)

 We all then went and saw the play her daughter was a part of with her high school magnet program. The play was at Plummer Auditorium, a beautiful old auditorium that's a pleasure to see a play in.

 All in all, a fun evening!

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