Friday, March 15, 2013

Pretty flowers 'round these parts...

 I love Spring. It's such a beautiful time of year. Color springs forth on the earth. There is growth. There is sunny weather. There is life.

 One of the things I always love about Spring is the blossoming of literally wild flowers-flowers that aren't planted, but literally grow wild on the side of the road. I've noticed that they're becoming less prevalent with each passing year out here in Southern California due to ever present building and fire concerns. It makes me sad that natural beauty is mowed down more and more each year. For valid reasons, of course, but still! I love flowers!

 That's why it makes me happy to see small bits of growth anywhere I can, including a small patch of dirt by me that grow these beauties each Spring. Are these flowers blue bonnets? They're so pretty!

 What random things make you happy? 

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