Friday, March 22, 2013

This week's happenings, bunny style

 What a beautiful week it is out here in Southern California! Spring has truly arrived and it looks great out here. The bunny has even made its presence here in my home! :)

 I've gotten to thinking about my life in general. I'm tired of being alone. I'm tired of being boring. Does this mean possibly joining EHarmony once I lose weight? Yes. (After all, I now know 3 couples who met through that site.) Does it also mean just going for it with some things? Yes. What that is remains to be seen.

 On a happier note, it's almost Easter! I like this season. It's filled with hope-and jelly beans. :) There's an adult Easter egg hunt going on in the city I live in also that I was asked to take part in. There were 2 egg hunts in town last year and I hope both places do it again. The shaved ice place sure provided a good service last year with that hunt. :)

 And for those of you wondering, I haven't left off with my Spring cleaning. Its hit my kitchen. :) 

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