Saturday, July 19, 2014

Another week down

I kind of like doing weeks in review again, so here's another week: July 12-18.

July 12th-I continued on with getting this room straightened up. I have a ton of craft supplies! The trash also got taken out. I'm really quite good about that now, aren't I? Lol

 I continued to go back through photo albums and quite honestly have had my fill for awhile. I came to some sad realizations while going through said photos also. Friends were happy, but I'm done for a bit. The anger amazed me.

 An area near a McDonald's I went to as a kid had a shooting/standoff situation that garnered media attention. The perp actually went to an apartment complex I remember a friend living in during junior high school. And the perp ran. Hopefully far, far away....

July 13th-The heat wave continued. It's a little cooler though and doesn't feel like I'm sitting in Hell today. On Sunday, go figure....

 I watched church online again. The goal is to be back next week without infecting the world.

 With getting the recorded message that I need to start going to my medical group's high blood pressure clinic once a week, I signed up for their online weight loss plan. (I hit the borderline high blood pressure group unfortunately at my last doctor's appointment, so they're going to check it once a week for awhile. No meds yet, and hopefully never!) It's pretty cool and will even email a support person for you. My friend Chris loves that. :) I feel fortunate to have a friend who I know will be a good support during this time.

 Germany won the World Cup! Props to a quarter of my ethnic makeup. ;) I also learned that a home for children in my city is part of the recent news of illegal immigrant children wanting asylum. I guess this home has been giving asylum for years now and the children have been attending school in the local public school district. This, of course, angered some local people who now want to complain to the local school board.

July 14th-It feels like I'm in Florida today! Talk about humidity!

  I was incredibly touched to play my voice mail from Saturday (woops...) and hear the head of my church's prayer team call to check up on me and ask if the church could help me out in any way.

 I also went to the breast surgeon because I still have the boil. Granted, it looks much better, but it's still there. I also was able to save myself a visit to the blood pressure clinic. It was fine and the medical assistant emailed the doctor my stats. He doesn't think I'll have to go back again-unless it's high.

I like these things on the ceiling at the doctor's. Lol

July 15th-I also decided to see another breast surgeon regarding this issue since the doctor is so rushed to do surgery. Get rid of the boil first, and then we can talk....

 I also emailed the property manager of my complex because I possibly need to do a bug bomb in this unit and asked what the procedure should be. It's exactly what I thought. I just have to be courteous and let my neighbors know the day so they can obviously shut the vents. I wanted to scream when one neighbor got upset by the possibility. I sent the property manager another email to try to get some more information before responding to him. It was exactly as I thought. It's my unit and I can respectfully do what I want in it. I need to clean more first before making the decision to do anything though. I will think about the best way to handle this should the need arise.

July 16th-I did laundry again and took out the trash. Hooray! Lol

 I did my once a week work again. I'm not going to say anything as it is extra money.... On the positive side though, my boss gave me some spaghetti sauce she made herself. It was good! (Quite thin, but good...) I love homemade stuff.

July 17th-I got a new diagnosis at the doctor's today-hidradenitis superativa! It makes a lot of sense after looking it up.

A pretty photo on the floor where the doctor was

 I continued to clean and am amazed that I now have literally two drawers full of blank cards. Anyone need a birthday card? An anniversary card? :)

July 18th-I decided after serious deliberations to cancel the breast surgery and get a second opinion. Even though hidradenitis makes a lot more sense, I wasn't comfortable with the doctor saying MRSA and then changing her mind a second later to the less serious one. I'm glad that my insurance doesn't bat an eye when you ask for a second opinion. The doctor they scheduled me with next is one I saw before and really liked. I still have to get an ultrasound for the other breast since I'm having issues with that breast also.

 I lead an exciting life, don't I?

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