Thursday, July 10, 2014

I just can't

 I know I mentioned in a few posts back that it was time for me to move forward. I gave no explanation, but wanted to.

 I realized it's in my best interests not to.

 There's a possibility that in addition to depression that I may have ADHD. This is no shock, as I was tested for this once before. From what I was told, testing doesn't conclusively prove anything but does provide valuable information. So, they're observing me over time to see if that would be true. It wouldn't shock me. They've tried medicating me for this before with the stimulants medications. Loved the weight loss, hated the feeling like I was on Speed. So, I guess I can't go that route anymore. I'm apparently not bipolar, but there is another option they're also considering, which I won't say.

 Which brings me back to my point... I'm going to move forward employment wise. I won't explain anything but will move forward.

 Explaining for me would mean dredging up things that I don't want anyone finding here. Things that are no one's business and will cast me in a bad light for any future employer. So, no explaining. I wish life was perfect and that I could explain, but I won't.

 Until then, carry on! :)

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