Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I want, I want, I want?

 I think I'm naturally content without many things.  I just am.

 It's for many reasons, actually. I think that as a Christian, I'm content because I know this isn't everything. We'll go to someplace better after this life. I may be worried about some things, but I know that in the end, with God all things are possible.

 I think that also, in a weird way, the antidepressant I'm on helps me not brood. I know I'm getting too personal here talking about medication, but I know this blog is for posterity-and I hope someone who is depressed can benefit from reading these words.

 I've also had too much handed to me. I think I'm overly content because of it. Naively content. Earning to get is good. It's a sense of pride to earn something. You don't get that with complacency. Once again, I know I'm too personal here. I hope a parent reading this reads these words and knows life isn't on a silver platter.

 Which brings me to goals. I have them in the back of my mind and get anxious even thinking about accomplishing them. Or I think it's too hard and that it's easier to give up and go back to it later. It's sad and know it's not a way to live.

 And of course I write them down and work for a little bit to accomplish them and then get bored. ADD much? lol

 I think I write this for many reasons. Things just need to change with me where I feel like I'm reaching for something. A long-term goal. Pride. Satisfaction. Earning. A job well done. 

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