Saturday, July 12, 2014

Week in the life....

 An abridged version of my week in the life, July 5-11.

 July 5th: I decided to start my weekly recap today because I've scheduled all my posts and want to write where I've (sort of) left off.

 Today started with emailing two of my doctors. I really like that I can do that with this medical group.

 I also cleaned. Receipts from 2012 that I no longer need went in the trash-along with other stuff....

 It's so hot out! Big Bear, a few hours away from me, had an earthquake. It wasn't that big, so I didn't feel it. Usually if it's big, all of Southern California has a chance to feel it.

 I also took a nap and chatted with Robyn on Facebook.

 July 6th:  Last day of medication and the boil is still there. Not happy!

 I watched church online today. Hate being antisocial but kept thinking as people shook hands and hugged each other how I'd be spreading germs if I was there....

 It was a good message and I agree-you can't move forward if you're always looking in the rear view mirror.

 I also swam (I looked up what I have and it can't be spread swimming), did some grocery shopping and Facebook messaged for a little while with my friend David in Tennessee. 

 Dinner included an ear of corn. I obviously really enjoyed it. :) 

My craft paper holder box breathed its last breath tonight, so I reorganized the cardstock into its new home. OH. DEAR. LORD. This is too much! 

 I totally need to make some baby boy albums! 

July 7th: I wasn't happy speaking to an RN for the doctor who asked me why I felt it was important to get this boil drained. Um.... It's MRSA?! The doctor is on vacation for another week so they made an appointment for me to get in to see her the day she gets back. 

  I started the day by taking my recycling to be cashed out in the hot sun. I got $6.95. Woot woot! 

 The majority of that got spent at In n' Out for lunch.... :) 

 I then worked on banners to use to sell some albums online. Which one do you like? 

July 8th: I continued with my cleaning. I found Basset Hound hair! Eeegads! (I don't want to tell you how long Lucy, my last foster has been gone...) The trash also got taken out.

 I continued to work on banner ideas for an Etsy shop.

 The weather here continued to feel like I was sitting in hell all day.

July 9th: I continued on with my cleaning today. It amazed me that I found feathers as I cleaned. My mom had given me an old feather pillow to sit on after my February surgery. Said pillow tore and feathers were everywhere in my bedroom! I guess I didn't get them all when I threw out the pillow!

I also found this small birthday card. I think it is, anyway? It's small.

 It continued to feel hotter than Hell today. The weather is 83, but the humidity is high, so it feels like 90! I couldn't stand it and had to get in the pool. It was nice to talk to some neighbors in there that I hadn't seen in awhile.

 I started organizing what I want to sell on my Etsy page. I need to think about the photography next. I've noticed that popular sellers have great photography.

 I also spoke with someone who needs editing/copywriting work done. I'll go visit her next week after the doctor determines me to not be contagious anymore.

July 10th: Bills got paid today. That's never fun, but it's nice to have electricity and phone/internet service. :) Laundry was also done too.

 I also continued to clean. I have blank cards. I will not have to buy a card for the foreseeable future. All can be constructed. I kid you not. Aye yi yi!

 More cardstock was also found. I seriously need to donate some of it. It's just too much.

 I also had fun with Throwback Thursday on Facebook. Too much! :)  I found a paper while going through albums that was quite interesting. I got into GATE for junior high school (which was nothing-seriously) and this paper was a progress report of the year for me. It was mostly positive, but the needs improvement section was interesting. I wasn't organized, had poor follow through and had low expectations for myself. Depression much??

July 11th-I devised a method to actually get decent sleep through this heat wave-without turning on the air conditioning. Fans blasting air at your head are a life saver. :) I'm not in menopause, by the way. Lol

 I continued on with my cleaning and actually found money! Who says cleaning can't be fun? :) (It was spare change. Lol)

And so, there goes my week. I kind of enjoyed this recap. Maybe I'll do more.

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