Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rest in peace, plants....

 When you can't afford to live, gardening is the last thing you want to focus on. Not one damn bit.

 Still though, it looks bad to see empty space where there really should be plants.

 I had plants at one time. They've pretty much all died.

 Dead. Muerto (lol). Finito. Gone.

 This statue sits there though. It's cute and was given to me by a neighbor.

 I have so much to think about regarding this place that gardening is honestly one of the last things on my mind. Still though....

 One of my neighbors has a rock garden instead of plants. I like that idea. They don't require watering. :) Another neighbor has silk plants. I normally don't like silk plants, but hey, it works. Their place is jokingly referred to as the model home, so I happily look to them as an example.

 Until then, I'll be happy with my barren space. 

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