Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Funny finds

 I mentioned in my previous post that I somewhat organized my crafting supplies in a huge container to keep them at bay. That included taking a long needed inventory of  (paper) supplies I've kept for over 15 years. <sarcasm>You never know when you'll need something!</sarcasm>

 Did I make some interesting finds after I cleaned out this case....

(It's well worn...) 

Why would I need king and queen stickers?? I hope I got this in a raffle at a crop! 

Don't we all need patchwork cats in our craft projects? :) I think this was a find after I began scrapbooking. Looks like it was well used. :) 

I'm pretty intrigued by this find. I remember getting this at a scrapbooking store ages ago. Why?? :) 

 I'm going to attempt to sell the supplies that are useless to me now. If not, I'll find a group for kids that can use them as art supplies. You know everyone can use Trix stickers! ;) 

 Aaahhh, the fun stuff we find while purging the useless stuff.... 

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