Monday, May 19, 2014


 I know I've been bitching on here quite a bit lately about my struggles with depression, anxiety and way too many doctors appointments. This time I thought I'd do a positive post and talk about what has improved in my life since the first of the year and beginning counseling.


 Yes, something positive! Some good has come out of all of this and I want to talk about it in hopes of others hopefully seeing that you don't have to live forever in a state of depression.

  •  One of the things that has drastically improved is that I'm now making to-do lists almost daily of everything I need to accomplish. I think this is where medication has helped tremendously to get my brain functioning in the right direction. I began doing this probably a month after starting counseling and getting on medication. Granted, I don't get everything done on the list, but at least I make one up now daily. 

  • Another thing that I think is important is that I now see that I've been internalizing the behavior of others. I noticed that recently when a family member said something negative to me and I told myself that their opinions are just that, theirs, and are not my problem. 
 These are only two positive things, but important to put out there. See? I can be positive! :) 

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