Saturday, May 31, 2014

Getting into cooking more

 I'll be the first to admit I have take out food a little too often. More than a little too often! It's time to cook more.

 The doctor lectured me the other day about my weight. She's right that I need to lose major weight. My mother has also told me recently that she's concerned I could drop dead from a heart attack. I know. Sad, but I know.

 This all goes back to cooking. I don't cook enough. I know that. As kids, we honestly were not taught to cook. We helped, of course, but cooking went to Mom. I'm not blaming her, but it's a fact. It was Mom's kitchen and I can't clean worth a damn, so therefore I couldn't cook as much as I should have growing up.

 We also got McDonald's and went out to eat quite a bit growing up. I always had a weight problem and remember as a kid eating a whole plate of nachos at a local Mexican restaurant. You know, the ones meant for the whole table to share? :(

 I've obviously gotten into cooking more as I live on my own. Pinterest has been a blessing in that respect. I've actually made the Thanksgiving stuffing for a few years in a row. Not in Mom's kitchen. :) It gets rave reviews.

 The secret is to start doing this more and more. I know. One thing that I like about my health insurance is that they provide weight loss coaches free of charge. I've been working on planning my own meals. Figuring out grocery lists. Dang! It's work! Lol

 I think mastering healthy cooking will be a positive step in the right direction. Here's to it! 

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