Sunday, May 11, 2014

Major birthday coming up!

 Last week was the six-month mark until yours truly turns 40. GASP!!!

 I've got to admit that 30 was a bad birthday for me. I was so depressed for that one and gained a TON of weight. I had this vision that I'd be married by then, have my life mapped out and maybe, just maybe, be pregnant with my first child.

 They say that God laughs when you make plans. He must have been howling here.....

 It's good to plan. Looking back though, I can see how depression came into play. I can also see that I'm ready to handle certain things that I couldn't handle before. I truly think God was testing me through different circumstances to get me to this point. I honestly feel that way.

 With that being said, I have some goals that I'd like to hit by age 40 in late October:

 1. Be exercising consistently and lose 50 pounds.

 2. Be dating consistently.

 3. Make it a point to socialize more to enjoy life and make more friends.

 4. Be freelancing consistently.

 5. Save up enough money to take a small weekend trip for my birthday.

I think those are decent goals to shoot for this year, which will hopefully make 40 a little less depressing. :) 

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