Friday, May 16, 2014


 The pet psychic was right. I'm a messy soul.

 I don't know why. I've pretty much always been somewhat disorganized. I think it was because I could be. Bless my mom's soul, but she's a perfectionist and never really had us contributing to the upkeep of the home. Yes, we were spoiled in a sense. A friend of my sister's mentioned that to me recently that she always felt that way about us.

 In fact, I remember my dad coming home from work one time and my mother was cleaning my sisters and my bathroom.

 "Um, the person who uses this bathroom is watching TV now," I remember my dad saying to my mom right then. "Why isn't she doing this?"

 "Because she won't do it right," Mom responded.

 Music to a teenager's ears, but not a good standard to set.

 I know I could blame Mom for all the woes in the world, but the fact is that I'm an adult now and am responsible for keeping things organized and neat. Why can't I just consistently keep things clean?

 I have no problem cleaning things. I can get them clean. The problem is keeping it that way. Am I just too ADHD to keep things clean? Is it an act of rebellion? (Lol. I don't know about that!) Do I like being a slob?

 I know it's practice. Habits get formed with practice and leave you when you form others. My to-do list has become an integral part of the majority of my days. I include cleaning with that. I don't know if that will become a habit, but it may have to.

 That is, until I can afford a housekeeper. That sounds so nice!  I can only imagine a housekeeper showing up here-my little one bedroom place-and thinking why on earth can't she keep 700 square feet clean. It's not Mom's responsibility anymore. It's mine.

 So anyway, it's time for me to quit blaming my cleaning woes on my mother and time for me to take action.

 Insert a big "harumph" right here.... 

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