Monday, May 12, 2014

I lived at the doctor's office last week.......

 I can honestly say I didn't go a day last week without visiting the doctor's office. I don't ever want a week like that again. You don't believe me, you say? Here's the schedule:

 Monday: Two appointments! One of them I never have to see again. Yaaaay!

 Tuesday: Endocrinologist appointment! I have a thyroid goiter, which the doctor needed to biopsy. By biopsy, I mean stick a needle in my neck six times to biopsy nodules. (Each nodule requires two needle pokes.) No, it was not fun at all. It was so terrible last time that I asked the doctor to prescribe me something to lessen my anxiety. She prescribed a very low dose of Xanax and a friend drove me. Even though it was a low dose, it still gave me a headache as it wore off. Never again!

 Wednesday: My anxiety class! It's an hour long class once a week in the evenings. It's actually very interesting and teaches strategies to curb your anxiety. That goes for a few more weeks.

 Thursday: Core needle breast biopsy! My mammogram came back abnormal which lead to an ultrasound a few weeks ago. The radiologist who read the ultrasound said he wanted to biopsy two areas. I told the doctor to numb me good, which he did. It went well and I felt nothing. I have a bruise on me though and can see where the doctor went in. :( Bruises go away though.

 Friday: Counseling!

 Needless to say, this week was nuts and I don't ever want to repeat this schedule again. I did get it all out of the way though....

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