Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The family that eats together....

 This scene comes from Mother's Day dinner. We are the family that loves to eat together!

 We got take out this year because my dad has congestive heart failure and has bathroom issues as a result. (Bathroom trips have to be quick!) His pills sit in the right hand corner of the photo. A reminder that life changes. We still eat, though!

 We got take out from a great seafood restaurant that will soon close. Take out has become the norm lately. From this restaurant to our favorite Mexican place, we know the area's restaurants and their take out menus. :)

 Our bonds come through food. I know it's not emotionally healthy. I can tell you many life memories with my family that have to do with restaurants though. From my grandpa insulting waiters and them rewarding his behavior with free desserts to sadder memories that I won't post, many of my life's memories come through food.

 And weight gain is the result of that.... 

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