Friday, May 23, 2014

Online dating....

 This feels like an advertisement. Lol.

 An acquaintance met his now fiance on a Web site called and suggested it to me last year. He's a couple months younger than me and thought this site was the best out of all of them. In a sense, he was right. In another sense though, wow.... Here is my personal opinions and experience with the site:

 Online dating is an interesting thing. Generally, you have to pay to meet people that you normally wouldn't talk to walking down the street. OkCupid is free though. So you can talk to anyone you want. Yes, even the weird ones-for free! Lol.

 A friend was telling me I could write a separate blog alone about all the interesting men I've met through this site. Truly, I could. Fortunately though, I screen them out well enough that I never meet any killers or rapists in person. Praise the Lord....

 And how does the screening process work? Feast your eyes on it below:

 Step 1-I get contacted through the Web site. I've been contacted by men in Iran, New York, England, etc. I kid you not. Any man out of my general area gets ignored. Also, the Web site matches you based on questions answered. Any man who contacts me with a 10 percent match rate (which has happened!) also gets ignored. Any man who also sends weird sexual messages also gets ignored. Those also get blocked and reported to the Web site. If you also have a generally weird profile you get ignored too. You should see some of them! If you pass this step (lol), we move on to the next level:

Step 2-We chat through the Web site. If you don't ask me out immediately (I've had that happen) or creep me out in other ways, we move on to the next step, exchanging cell phone numbers and first names.

 Step 3-We talk! I've actually come to this step and met some seriously weird dudes. I had one guy tell me he was actually black (He looked Hispanic in his photos!) and wanted to know if I liked a certain anatomy of black men. I told him to never call me again and threatened him also. It worked. I also had another man tell me via chatting through the Web site that he was recently divorced. Come to find out once we talked on the phone that he was still legally married (but going through a divorce) and still living with the wife and kids. Imagine the big red X from Family Feud.... Yes, that's what I was thinking.... I also had another guy tell me he had a foot fetish. He loved dirty, smelly feet and wanted me to wear sandals when we met. Needless to say, we didn't meet! However, those men who haven't weirded me out get to move on to step 4. Actually meeting them in public!

Step 4-Meeting! I always tell a friend where I'm meeting this person just in case the person is nuts. Most of these guys I've simply had no chemistry with. That's all well and good. One still calls to say hi, but it hasn't gone any further.

 I've quit logging into the site for now since I have so many medical issues. Maybe, just maybe, a normal man will appear in my life once I stop looking....

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