Saturday, December 31, 2011 a nutshell

 So the year has finally come to the end. What a year it has been for me!

  •  God has been so good to me career wise this year . It seems unbelievable that at this time last year I had been newly laid off from the recording department at LSI Title and was wondering what my next step was going to be. My BA is in Communications but I honestly thought I could never make a career out of this. Never. I thought that door had been long since closed. Enter March, when I got a bug up my heiny and decided to pursue my freelance writing one more time. I went back to writing my column for This year has been awesome for my column, which normally covers a nice, quiet city. Another Web site in the city began following me on Twitter then and asked me to come aboard in June because they liked my work. To say I was tickled would be the understatement of the year. A startup publication in the city also asked me to do some articles for them. Score! Also, one of my neighbors who is a reporter for the major newspaper in my area recommended me to his editor as a potential freelancer in the summer. I've been freelancing three days a week for them for almost 5 months now. Things will change career wise. I know that. There are constant ebbs and flows in life, and this will change also. I'm happy with the freelancing I'm doing though, in addition to working for a PR rep one day a week. Wow. I actually have a career that I like. It's nice, actually.

  • I participated in an adult Easter egg hunt: Yes, it was as fun as it sounds. One egg was hidden at a mediterranean restaurant while another was hid at a kinky lingerie shop. The prizes were nice, too! (and normal...)

  • I got the rest of my wisdom teeth pulled. Fun stuff! I had 1 wisdom tooth pulled in 2000 when it got cavity ridden. I didn't have dental coverage at the time, which is why the dentist only pulled 1. Another wisdom tooth got infected this year and was found to be dead. The dentist said to pull it, along with the 3 others I still have. I did that and all is well.

  • I learned that faith can help you get through things family related. My poor father has heart problems and needs bypass surgery. He's refusing it, so I know how he's going to die. The heart surgeon said his heart is in lousy shape and if 1 more artery clogs, he will fall over from a heart attack. It's sad to see this level of denial in him. My sister also provided closure for me this year. It's sad to see what's happening with her. That's all I'll say. God has been good through it all.

  • I went to Pechanga and got home at 4AM. You'd think I was 21 or something! :) My friend Chris and I went to Pechanga in February. We left a 10 and got home at 4 AM. It's nice to know that Pechanga pays out also!

  • I went to the beach. Yes, I know. I live in Orange County, CA. There is nothing unusual about hitting the beach if you live in this county. It had been awhile for me though.

  • I went to a wedding for a couple that met through EHarmony. I've now heard of 2 couples that I knew through church getting married after meeting through that site! It was a nice wedding and reception.
  I would like thank everyone who read this thing for joining me on my Blogger journey. Happy New Year and stick around for my rantings in 2012!

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