Friday, December 9, 2011

it never grows old.....

 It just never grows old to look at this tree. Never, ever, ever.

 This tree of Christmas lights stands atop a high rise building in Whittier, CA-the city that I like to call Nixon town. Richard Nixon grew up in Whittier, and this tree, as a matter of fact, stands not too far from the house he lived in and Quaker church he attended as a boy.

 I decided to snap a picture of it the other night after I left my parents house one city away. Yes, I wasted gas and drove out of the friggin way to snap a picture of a tree made out of lights. That's me! :)

 This tree has stood atop this building for ages. I'm (COUGH!) 37, and I always remember it standing there when the building was owned by a bank-American Savings, I believe. My grandparents lived not too far from here, so whenever my mom would take us there, we of course would have to drive by the tree of lights and she'd always tell us, "Look girls! Look at the Christmas tree of lights!"

 I love to look at this tree every year and hope the multi-colored tree never leaves. It really never grows old.

 Never, ever, ever....

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