Friday, December 2, 2011



 The town I live in has a street that does the coolest lights display every Christmas. I tried to capture the scene above, with some success, but it just really doesn't capture the sweet Dr. Seussness of it all.

 The street does a display of Sparkleballs every year that they hang from their front yard trees that is just the coolest thing ever. Literally, these home made, sparkly balls glisten in the trees of every house on the street. It's a wonderful sight to see on a wintry California evening. The adjoining street has now taken up the project also doing a whitish group of sparkleballs that are cool also. I found out about this street probably 2 years ago and think it's an awesome tradition to see.

 I took this picture while working with my camera settings. :( This is a house on one of the sparkly streets that has a radio controlled light display. It really is neat. Really! :)

 It's cool to see these things at Christmas.  

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