Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recapping December

  (These monthly recaps should, ideally have a photo of me at the top of them, but dang, I looked horrific in the only one I took- one without makeup on! Therefore, Christmas lights tree it is!)

 Wow, I really made it through a year of doing these monthly statuses. Yay for me keeping up with something consistently! :)

 This last month was nice. I wasn't laid off, as I was at this time last year, which made it even better. I was also actually working at something I actually enjoyed too. Go me! I did have a day this past month when I wanted to scream at some editors, but that feeling passed and will probably come in waves throughout the coming year. :)

 I also made the choice to spend the holidays doing things I liked doing-making Christmas gift tags, seeing the lights at different locations throughout Southern California, wrapping presents and also spending time remembering the Reason for the Season. I can say that Christmas was mostly what I chose it to be.

 I tried out my friend Debra's church, which had a cool Renaissance theme one weekend. I covered an event at another church in Brea that I may want to try out this weekend to see if I like it.

 I'll definitely do these summaries again in 2012. Onward!

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