Sunday, December 18, 2011

They're done! Yaaaaay!!!!

 I was seriously dragging this year getting my Christmas cards out. Dragging with a capital D! I don't know why, either!

 I used to get my Christmas cards out on December 1st each year. Now y'all will be lucky to get them by Christmas. ;) I used to also stamp out my cards that had a zillion areas to color once stamped. I think age brings wisdom, because stamping seriously went out the window after I discovered the beauty of scrapbooking supply usage on Christmas cards. Cut, affix, done became my new mantra for many years for cards. This year though was actually the simplest I've probably ever gone for cards. Pre-made card meets Christmas themed paper meets computer printed saying and DONE!

 I like this holiday tradition also but see that it's kind of a pain in the you-know-what when you actually have a job and a life. I think that's why many people just send email holiday greetings now or do those computer generated photo-ish cards.

 And figuring out who you send these cards to is also a pain in the you-know-what also! I kept thinking of the little Christmas card address book my mom had for years as I addressed my cards today. What a good idea! Granted, I can do the same thing on Excel, but what a good idea! I guess I'm becoming my mother... :)

 At least they're done!

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