Thursday, December 1, 2011

That Christmasy feeling

 I just can't do it. I just can't.

 I can't decorate the day after Thanksgiving!

 It just seems so un Christmasy and un holiday like to put all the decorations up the day after Thanksgiving. I feel like I need time to recoup-at least until December 1st. And so, that's what I did. The wreath went up today.

 I would love to get one of those big. gorgeous Williams Sonoma wreaths some year, but for now, I have this cute little wreath I picked up at a white elephant exchange probably 10 years ago. It's cute and I'll always cherish it as the first wreath I ever put up in my own home.

 I also put up my manger scene. It's not Christmas without that up! I don't forget the Reason for the Season and hope others don't either.

  I don't have a tree because I feel no need for it, so I guess this is my substitute. My mom made this for me roughly 5 years ago and I take a picture down each year to hang this up. It's cute and works for now.

 And so, this begins my holiday season. I hope this season is better than last year's. I remembered thinking that I was going to postpone Christmas shopping because I worked and worked overtime and then POOF! The workload stopped and 20 of us got laid off. Shows me for postponing my Christmas shopping! ;) (Seriously though, that was a blessing in disguise, because God had far better plans for me.)

 I hope all of you are having fun decorating for the holidays also!

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