Thursday, December 1, 2011

November recap of funness

The month of November flew by! December is upon us!

 November was pretty uneventful. I mean, it was pretty boring if I do say so myself. Possibly the most unique thing I did was have Korean bbq with a friend. I don't think I've ever tried it before, so I thought it was cool how you cook the food right at the table. See how boring I am? LOL.

 Work for the major paper in my area continued on. I'm going into my fourth month with them and did some interesting stories for them this month. One thing that I'll remember is covering a Veteran's Day ceremony that had a survivor of the USS Oklahoma as their main speaker. Yes, the USS Oklahoma of Pearl Harbor fame. I also did another article about a unique educational program applying to become the first ever charter school in a city.

 Turkey Day was Turkey Day. I know that sounds funny, but it was what it was. It began with a call from my mom in the morning asking me to do a store run. I had to laugh, because the woman could have hopped in the car and did it herself in less time than it took me to drive over to give her the stuff for dinner! Call me nice daughter, but I did it. I had dinner with my folks (It was literally my parents and I. That's it.) and then saw my dad's relatives who live nearby in a cute, cute area. No Black Friday shopping for me, though! If you can believe it, a Facebook friend of mine actually got her arm broken during a Black Friday incident she had with a guy who wanted the toy she rightfully got for her daughter. He could care less, so he broke her arm to get it! How nuts is that?

 And the gift tag production began also! Pictures to come!

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