Friday, December 9, 2011

Tag factory in progress!

  The tag factory is in full production at my place!

 I have over 100 tags that I hope to sell this weekend at a craft fair at a junior high school by me. I dragged out my tag template and got out my red and green cardstock and went to town! The end result is over 100 tags that I hope will be tied to many presents around local Christmas trees this holiday season-and recycled for many years to come!

 Now that the front design has been done, the letter stamps need to come out for some of them (not the snowflake ones) to stamp "to" and "from" on them. Hole punching and ribbon tying will be next and then it's the home stretch-sticking them in bags to be sold! Yay! :)

 I had forgotten how much fun it was to make these for the Christmas season. I think my neighbor had a great idea to make all the same thing and bag them up. Let's see though if others feel the same way. :)

 Here's to traditions though. May they continue on.....

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