Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's a wrap!

 And so, the festivities wind down. It's literally a wrap.

 There's always a plus to buying wrapping paper from kids for their school fundraisers. I still have a few rolls around, so it looks as if Mom got Santa paper this year! :)

 This woman is a friggin genius when it comes to wrapping gifts. I debated using her paper bag idea this year for my dad's gift card, but alas, I only have plastic bags. I may use some of her ideas next year and buy lots of paper bags and have fun with it. Hey, I've got enough tags to last me until I die, so why not include them with my brown paper bags of gifts? :)

  Christmas Eve was stressful this year and slightly sad and showed me why some people need a drink after seeing family over the holidays. It's difficult to be the only child who cares about my elderly parents. Seriously.

 I went to my parents church this evening with my mom. It was a nice service and she thanked me for coming with her, because she didn't want to go alone since Dad wasn't feeling well. You're welcome, Mom. It's Christmas Eve. Either I come now, or it's the 11 o'clock service at my former church. That hour was slightly stressful, to put it nicely.

   I was so nervous when we got back from church. My parents ordered out from Mimi's Cafe for dinner, which was nice. My dad joked with me a bit during dinner that I was being a Christmas kill joy when asking if my Project Life arrived. (Okay, he was right. :) ) I could feel the tenseness though in my shoulders when I got home that evening. It was just stressful. Tomorrow should be interesting!

 And that is why it's so important to create independent holiday traditions. I'm glad to have spent some of the holiday this year seeing the lights, decorating and creating those tags that I'll probably never get rid of. It was fun, and I'll have to expand on that next year and in the years to come, also remembering the Reason for the Season.

 Until then, it's a wrap!

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